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    Due to a Volumio Dev Team policy change I am able to support Volumio 2 on Voltastream Zero on a community support basis.
    Though this means, Voltastream Zero will not appear on the official download page, there is a reserved discussion thread on the Volumio forum.
    The OP will hold links to the latest (and previous) image versions, the thread is open for Voltastream Zero specific support.
    Images will kept up-to-date on a regular basis, current is version 2.384 (2018-03-18) covering the current Volumio functionality.

    Please visit the Volumio 2 for Voltastream thread for more details.

    Note 1: Voltastream Zero has 512Mb onboard memory, which can (and will) limit Volumio performance in a few areas like displaying album art for a large music library.
    This is something I will not be able to change, luckily “large” is not definite, you will have to try this yourself 🙂
    Support will last as long as 512Mb is sufficient.

    Note 2: Voltastream Zero is only being delivered in the 512Mb version, users of an early distributed 1Gb board can use Volumio version 2.383
    1Gb versions will not be updated unless specific demand from multiple users exists (as it needs separate and additional build effort with corresponding regression testing)

    Best regards – Gé



    We have an updated version
    – Newest Volumio functionality
    – myVolumio support with full Qobuz and Tidal integration

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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